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Lessons & Courses – Children, Toddler, Baby and Adult

Swimming Lessons and Courses

Gayton Swimming Pool operates all Lessons to the British Gas ASA Learn to Swim Pathway. Lessons are available from the age of 3.5 upwards, for levels 1 to 4, Gayton Pool does not have deep enough water to teach level 5 as diving is required. Children achieving Stage 4 level will be offered a place in a Stage 5 class at our sister pool, Lonsdale in Mickleover. Certificates are available at a small charge. The younger groups, as well as having a teacher, have helpers that work in the water with the children, which gives them the confidence to advance.

All teachers and helpers have Criminal Records Bureau checks. The lessons run through out the year with short breaks at Christmas and August when the pool will be closed for maintenance.

Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim is an invaluable life skill. As well as being a sport in its own right (with an increasing number of Olympic medallists!), it is essential to be a good swimmer to participate in wide range of water sports including snorkelling, sailing, rowing, canoeing, canoe polo and water polo. It is required for many jobs and careers. In addition to the ones with an Aquatic connection – swimming teacher, lifeguard, scuba instructor, teacher, water sports instructor – you also benefit from being a good swimmer if you want to be a pilot or aircraft cabin crew. It is helpful to become a firefighter, police officer or actor. Many students find that working in a swimming pool or leisure centre during term time and holidays can provide the extra income needed during their course. It is good to learn early in life, we have baby sessions available that are not really lessons but give the baby or toddler water confidence and a sense of enjoying the water and pre school splash as a link to full lessons.

A lot of people learn to swim because it is a great family and holiday activity and simply the fact that it could save your life – or your child’s life.

Gayton Pool will provide swimming lessons throughout the year from basic water confidence for babies and beginners through to the level where you could join a competitive club or become a lifesaver.

Group lessons are the usual way to learn but that does not suit everyone. We can offer lessons on a one-to-one tuition basis or for small groups to suit your requirements. It is never too late to learn to swim, many older people have found swimming to be a effective way to exercise in later life with its lack of impact and lower likelihood of injury.

Our adult lessons are for non swimmers, beginners or improvers.

Our Children’s swimming lessons follow the British Gas ASA Learn to Swim Pathway but some age groups are different.

British Gas ASA Learn to Swim Pathway

Stage 0 Parents and Babies (from 6 months)
Stage 1 Age guide 2 – 4 years (Our Lessons are Pre school splash up to 3 1/2)
Stage 2 Age guide 3 – 5 years
Stage 3 Ability Assessed
Stage 4 Ability Assessed

Adult and Baby Sessions

There are Adult and baby sessions available that will allow you to be in the water with your baby and receive instruction from a Teacher also in the water on how to best introduce baby to the aquatic environment.

Pre-School Splash Sessions

This session fills the gap between the Adult and Baby sessions where the adult is in the water with the baby and formal lessons. It is a Teacher led session of fun and games that are structured to introduce toddlers from the age of 2 to 3 1/2 to the principles of moving in the water independently. These sessions are a precursor to starting lessons at around 3 1/2 years old.

Adult Lessons

Adult swimming lessons for beginners or improvers are available either as a group or individual. Group sessions are held during the Community Session on a Tuesday but other sessions will be organised if you want them. Individual lessons are arranged to suit your requirements.